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We’re fortunate to be able to work with a host of amazing makers and design-minded purveyors both in our backyards and around the world. Our shop is culmination of their talent.
Learn more about the great folks who make The Circular so special.


In a nutshell: A Colombia-based home décor company founded to support and preserve artisanal traditions. After a visit to Medellin in 2012, founder Melissa Moriarty fell in love with the traditions and hasn’t looked back since.

We why love them: Craftsmanship + vibrant color. Azulina also donates a percentage of their profits to projects benefiting their artisan communities.

Bohemia Design

In a nutshell: Founded in 2006 by Jenny Lockton, an anthropologist by background, Bohemia works in ethical partnership with artisans in around the world to design handcrafted goods with an authentic soul.

Why we love them: Pom poms + sustainability. Each item's flair (and social consciousness) makes it that much more fun than its peer equivalent. 


In a nutshell: Rooted in Denmark, ferm LIVING is contemporary design house born out of a graphic designer’s vision for simple, well-made home products.  

Why we love them: Clean lines + a hint of fun. ferm’s goods channel just the right amount of Scandinavian modernity – they favor timelessness over trend, and can easily assimilate into a spectrum of interior styles.

Fog Linen

In a nutshell: Starting as an importer of used books, Japan-based Yumiko Sekine turned her eye to home goods in the search for better linens (since found in Lithuania).

Why we love them: Simplicity + everyday utility. Fog Linen’s pieces make you reevaluate every misguided napkin, tray & spoon purchase of the past.

Kasigau Basket Weavers

In a nutshell: A female basket weaving collective in southern Kenya born out of a need to be less agriculturally dependent, and the desire to strengthen relationships between women in the community.

Why we love them: Community + color. Each basket is beautifully handmade, from dying to weaving, and is traded fairly to support the local community.


In a nutshell: Founded in 1934 in Imabari Shikoku, Japan, Kontex has mastered the science and style of the perfect towel.

Why we love them: Quality + Japanese aesthetics. All of Kontex’s towels are super soft, absorbent, and are made (and simply designed) to last a lifetime.

Loop Design

In a nutshell: Thoughtfully designed, modern homewares created by industrial designer Elisheva Manekin in a tiny rural village in Southern Israel.

Why we love them: Natural materials + inspired design. Elisheva is passionate about making products that create a sense of home, and her warmth and care emanate through them.

Maho Ukai + Yoshii

In a nutshell: A Japanese-based producer of exceptionally crafted towels using traditional materials and processes.

Why we love them: Extreme softness + old school methods. Yoshii towels, designed by Maho Ukai, manage to be both incredibly soft, durable, and damn good looking, too.


In a nutshell: Woven, printed, and sewed housewares hand-crafted by designer Moira Neilson in Mallorca, Spain.

Why we love them: Mediterranean vibes + practicality. Paleolochic’s goods reflect the kind of well-designed, fun, and utilitarian qualities we always look for -- and have a great color palette to boot.

Scout & Lilly

In a nutshell: A line of modern home and personal accessories designed and created by Kathleen Krueger Turner in her home studio in Dallas, TX.

Why we love them: Hand crafted + modern details. A creative one woman show, Kathleen’s designs are functional, playful, and distinctly modern.


In a nutshell: Once a hobby for Nashville-based Lisa Garcia, Sonadora is now a carefully curated collection of handmade items and folk fiber art.

Why we love them: Experimental design + bohemian vibe. Each of Lisa’s creations is a study in texture, color, and composition.