About Us

We subscribe to the belief that you don’t have to own a home to feel at home. That growing a glossy fiddle leaf fig is harder than you think. And that trends are momentary but taste is forever.

We think our spaces reflect who we are, just as much as where we’ve been (and where we want to go). So we created The Circular to share what makes our homes a little bit happier, more beautiful, and more “us.”

We scour the globe and our backyards for goods we love. Items that are as functional as they are aesthetic, and versatile as they are authentic: The everydays, the new classics, the favorites. 

All of our items are sourced thoughtfully, with the intention that you’ll love them forever.

We hope The Circular is a source of inspiration & good vibes for all who want to love where they live. Just like us.

Meet the Founders

Caroline Jung

There is no shortage of baskets and catchalls in Casa de Jung -- a collection born out of the necessity to contain the collection of pillows, throws, and travel tokens she's amassed over the years. 

Prior to starting The Circular, Caroline founded a strategic consulting business, met Anna at a startup that ended too early, and has worked at various large corporations. She's an avid traveler and has been known to haul her local finds across the globe, much to her husband's chagrin. Caroline resides in Portland, Oregon with her husband and two dogs.

Favorite global find: A pair of blue stone earrings from Portugal. She couldn't do the monetary conversion fast enough to bargain, but decided what was left in her wallet was a reasonable price to pay for such a unique pair. A close second is a pair of African baskets she lugged home from Tanzania.



Anna Lucas

Anna is Scandinavian design fangirl and long-time hoarder of back issues of Domino magazine. Barring a few design missteps along the way (red Ikea Lack table -- oops!), she's spent more time than she'd like to admit turning the places she's lived into homes she's loved.

A marketer and strategist by background, Anna has always leaned on her passion for travel and design as an avenue for creativity. It was only after she and Caroline worked together and discovered their mutual love of interiors that they decided to jump into a collaboration of their own. Anna splits her time between San Francisco's Mission District and wherever her frequent flyer miles will take her.  

Favorite global find: More Moroccan carpets than a commercial airline would allow, procured by cobbling together every last dollar/euro/dirham she and her traveling companions had.