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One of our favorite creative pals gives us the DL on her love for Soñadora, a beautiful collection of handmade items and folk fiber art.

Photo credit: Homepolish

Who: Meg Lewis, Founder of Ghostly Ferns, a graphic designer, educator and speaker working for happy companies in Brooklyn, NY

Design Crush: Soñadora Handmade

Why Soñadora?

I bought the first wall hanging from Soñadora Handmade because I knew it was perfect for my apartment. My home is an open floorplan loft that I share with my husband and our two ridiculously cuddly cats. Since we don't have walls in our apartment, we are forced to get creative with pieces to create definition between various areas. I knew I needed something with a lot of texture to soften up our space and had no idea how to add texture to a wall without hanging a tapestry or rug. I gasped when I saw the Sonadora pieces. They are beautiful and add the perfect amount of cozy texture. I immediately went and bought a second piece for my office at Ghostly Ferns, a collaborative design studio I founded in 2009.

Photo credit: Homepolish

On interior design...

I try so hard not to overthink what I'm doing and get thrown off by inspiration on Pinterest. My husband and I love to accumulate weird pieces in antique shops and grab things we find on the sidewalk (best part of living in NYC). The result is an aesthetic that genuinely don't match. We love things that are super modern and we also love things that are old and rusty. If we find an old painting of a clown or a 1950's life-sized cutout of Santa, we just have to buy it. For a while, I was afraid our things didn't "go together" until I realized the mismatched things are exactly what makes our home special. If we didn't have things we loved in our house, it wouldn't be a home. 

On your radar these days...

1. Men Explain Things To Me by Rebecca Solnit is the book I'm currently reading and hot dog, is it eye-opening. It highlights the history of violence of men against women and how women, still to this day, are continuously overshadowed and controlled by men. Don't worry, it's not too much of a feminist hate-read. It's really great for all genders. I had many male friends recommend it to me before I picked it up.

2. This month, I'm focusing on doing things that made me happy as a kid. When I woke up in my childhood, I would walk into the living room to my mom sipping coffee and listening to classical music with candles lit throughout the house. It was beautiful and it was a great time for my mom and me to connect while I read the funnies in the newspaper. This month I want to do just that. I've started waking up early, playing classical radio, making my coffee and doing whatever I can for myself whether it's reading a book or just sitting in silence. It's a beautiful way to start the day and makes me seem a whole lot fancier than I actually am.

3. I've been watching the new season of The Returned on Netflix. My goodness that show is incredible and I'm so happy it's back in my life. 

Learn more about Meg: megforever.com | ghostlyferns.com | scouted.in | twitter/instagram: @darngooood 

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